Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi There!

Hi! If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog I should inform you that you are viewing the official blog of the cast of Blind Kids Can't Dance! You've heard of it? Great! I hope you will enjoy watching it when it is finally done! You haven't heard of it? Well let me take a moment to tell you about it.
   Last fall I was a little sophomore struggling to fit into the jungle society we so fondly call "High School". As we all know, friendship is a dangerous thing to put oneself into during this time in one's life. In my struggle to determine which group of wild animals I fit into-- was I a leopard, fierce and bold, a monkey maybe, not caring what people thought, just having fun, or maybe a bush baby, hiding until it was just right to come out? I knew I was not a poison dart frog, attractive on the surface but lethal to the touch. I just couldn't tell where I belonged. I soon found myself at a lunch table of  similar creatures. We knew who we were, but there was noone else like us. After much time with my group of unidentified species we found some of us were more alike than others. Our little group soon broke into smaller groups-- it could be said that the birds separated from the mammals and the reptiles-- still associating, but realizing we are not the same. In my group I found who is now one of my three closest friends. Alyse, who could be considered a dove in our little animal metaphor, is the inspiration for this movie. A strong, independent person who knows what she believes and what to do in every situation, you would never know of her visual impariment. I must admit, I had no idea until we had known eachother for some amount of time. Well it will take me a long time to tell the stories leading up to our final decision for this movie, and though I will explain them in due time, I'd like to skip to the initial idea. As our friendship grew closer Alyse met my friend Emma (a swan if we are to continue with the metaphor) and they became friends instantly. We soon became a dynamic trio, super sisters, the three musketeers, the three amigos! Original names, no? So of course we were able to joke with eachother about any and everything. One night at a football game ( Emma and I are on the Danceline at our school) we joked that Alyse should come dance with us. It was nearing the end of the season and her senior year! She needed a lasting football memory. She laughed at the idea and said, "Haha guys, blind kids can't dance!" And I suppose that started it all. The three of us looked at eachother and had an instant, overwhelming thought. This was our next big project. We are attempting to raise awareness of the visually impaired, as well as showing that they do have all the abilities as the rest of us. We are out to prove that indeed, BLIND KIDS CAN DANCE! :D
    We hope that we have your full support in our efforts to raise this awareness by making our movie. It seems like a dream, I know, but isn't that where all big things start? As little dreams? Anyway, if you would like to help Alyse, Emma, and I in our hopes to start a revolution please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, support, etc. Also, we are in need of some props! If you know of anything that might help us please E-mail me at the address I will post in a few moments. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and I hope you will watch and enjoy Blind Kids Can't Dance! :D
--God Bless!
<3 Hannah A. Bell ( the owl ;D)

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